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3 New EEE European Interview Series released

The Effective Education for employment team has released three series...

Experts Begin to Identify Nonacademic Skills Key to Success in College and Care

Sarah D. Sparks reports in Education Week that recent research shows...

Welcome to Effective Education for Employment

The Effective Education for Employment project is inspired by convincing evidence that:

  • The skills race is real and human capital is the key to economic success
  • Education is key to winning the race but current education systems are typically failing
  • While there are local characteristics, the problems we face are global, so
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To learn more visit our About the project page

During the first 18 months of the project, we engaged with leading thinkers, practitioners, employers, employees and learners from across the globe. This report is the culmination of our first phase of work. Click icon below for English or here for Spanish.

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Evidence: The Baseline For Our Project

The Evidence section of the website reflects the key outputs from the initial phase of research. Our aim has been to build an evidence base to support our calls for change and to enable us to identify the key global issues that everyone is talking about and that, collectively, we need to address.

Specifically, the Evidence section contains;

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Vision: Radical, Ambitious, Achieveable

A key part of our project is to develop a coherent and ambitious vision for the future of education for employment. We believe that by identifying where we want to go, we can better characterise what it is we need to do in order to get there.

Specifically, the Vision section contains;

  • An Overview of what we mean when we talk about 'Vision' and some detail about how we are generating this Vision
  • The outputs from an 'Vision Session' held in India within which groups of experts worked toward developing a series of vision statements relevant to their local context
  • A fascinating series of one to one interviews held with prominent figures from education, business and policy
  • A set of resources - related information including websites, reports, video, audio - that provide further visionary content to explore and print

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Actions: The Things We Need To Do

Ultimately, the aim of our project is to improve education for employment for everyone and to be a part of a global movement for change. In order to effect such change - and to have the impact we want to have - we need Actions.

Specifically, the Action section contains;

  • Initial recommendations from the first phase of research, identifying some of the actions participants believed essential if we are to start transforming education for employment
  • The outputs from an Action Session run in India with leading thinkers and practitioners identifying some of the ways in which, together, we can begin to move toward a more positive future
  • A set of resources- related information including websites, reports, video, audio - that provide further content to explore and print

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