Indian Vision Session: Vision

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Vision Statements For Education In India

Following the discussion of key topics and concerns described above, workshop participants were invited to develop a series of Vision Statements to capture what a desirable and plausible future for education in India might look like. The statements below were agreed upon collectively and then voted on individually.


Vision Statements (in Order Of Popularity)

  • Create a workforce of passionate, motivated and accountable teachers

  • Develop a "double helix system", developing both skills and academic learning

  • Create a new "teaching / learning" methodology *1

  • Give parents a better understanding of 21st century education

  • Reduce the time needed to develop "billable" employees *2

  • Support and enable career transitions

  • Transform the status of vocational education

  • Support the 'guerrilla economy' *3


*1 "Teaching learning" refers to ensuring that students are taught techniques that enable them to improve/maximise their learning capacity and by the same token ensure that teachers/trainers are aware of these techniques and employ them effectively. This means creating a personalised learning experience for each person.

*2 "Billable" employees are produced by a training system which makes people "job ready", so they are productive and generating value for their employers as soon as possible.

*3 The "guerrilla economy" is that which grows in niche sectors, created by a small number of entrepreneurs who have successfully filled an emerging gap in the market (evidence of successful exploitation of such gaps has been seen in India). The attendees suggested that these could be supported through training in remote worker technology.


Turning Vision To Action

Each group, working autonomously, were asked to briefly summarise specific actions needed to realise one or more of the Vision Statements outlined above. To learn more about their conclusions click here.