Singapore Vision Session: Participants

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The following stakeholders were involved in the Workshop discussions:

Dr John Vong- IFC Resident Adviser, Sacombank

Mr Renganathan - Manager Quality Assurance (Services) Division Spring Singapore

Leonard Yap - Head Sales & Marketing, Tourism Management Institute of Singapore

Lily Kow- Director Tourism Management Institute of Singapore

Woon Hon Thin - Vice President Academic Services & Register, Raffles Education Corporation

Prof Graeme Britton - Dean of Science & Technology, Raffles Education Corporation

Breyvan Tan - Director Wissen International Pte Ltd

Brian Kelly - Training Centre Manager, Petrofac Training

Lee Hean - Principal, Beacon School of Technology

Me Nabs Naidu - Chief Operating Officer, AEC Edu Group

John Lee - Managing Director, Tyndale Education Group

AW York Bin - Deputy CEO, Institute of Technical Education