Singapore Vision Session: Vision

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Vision Statements for Education in Singapore

Following the discussion of key topics and concerns described above, workshop participants were invited to develop a series of Vision Statements to capture what a desirable and plausible future for education in India might look like. The statements below were agreed upon collectively and then voted on individually.


Vision Statements (in order of popularity)

  • A credible, valued private education system, supported by a coherent framework.
  • Integrated public private partnerships for Effective Education for Employment
  • A university education that rewards and values quality of teaching and learning alongside research/publications
  • The Singapore Government develops a coordinated partnership with the private education sector
  • Involve private education providers in the formation of national education policy
  • A level playing field for private education providers with consistent and transparent government policies
  • Vocational education is valued equally with academic study

Turning Vision into Action

Each group, working autonomously, were asked to briefly summarise specific actions needed to realise one or more of the Vision Statements outlined above. To learn more about their conclusions click here.